We’re excited to announce that we will be redefining the concept of a “Green Room” for the 2016 Rochester Fringe Festival!We’re planning a Green Room that will be constructed of recyclables. It will be 20ft by 40ft room and constructed of almost 5,000 milk and water jugs. Inside the Green Room, you’ll be able to sit on furniture made of pallets beneath a chandelier made of recycled olive bar containers (the kind you get at Wegmans).

We’re building the walls in 4ft by 8ft sections (153 jugs per section). We’ll need 5 sections for the smaller walls, and 10 sections for the larger walls. The jugs will be held together using hot glue, nuts, bolts, and a few other surprises.

Now we need your help! Can we have your 1 gallon water and milk jugs so we can build this amazing structure? Please drop off the jugs at the Rochester Brainery near Village Gate.

We would also like to invite you to join our build crew! In late August or early September, we’ll begin building. Airigami has kindly offered up their new space, located at Made on State, as the build location. If you’re interested in helping us build the structure, or in becoming a drop off location, send us an email (rochesterfaireinfo@gmail.com) or sign up for our email list here:http://bit.ly/RMMFGreenRoom

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