One of the Makers that we would like to feature is Shawn Dunwoody.

Taken from Facebook

Shawn Dunwoody

Shawn is a maker that you will find, along with his work, everywhere around Rochester. On top of helping organize the Greentopia Fashion Week, creating viral videos, and bringing arts to inner city school communities, he is often found painting large works of art in downtown Rochester. His work is usually based around a quote, either from a historical figure, a phrase often heard, or a suggestion from a local resident. Shawn often has volunteers and school groups help him out.

Photo taken from  M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence on Facebook

Photo taken from M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence on Facebook

We have met up with him on a few occasions when planning Rochester’s first faire and have been greeted by a mind that is just filled with beautiful images. Images that not only make the snowy Rochester area a beautiful place, but art to improve and inspire lives.

Photo Taken From Facebook

Photo Taken From Facebook

At the Rochester Mini Maker Faire, Shawn will be bringing a 40’ by 5’ canvas for anyone attending to help paint. He is using the phrase “Make art everywhere!” as a jumping off point for the event. When you meet him at the faire, you will be welcomed with so much positive energy that it will be impossible not to smile.

Photo from Hart's Local Grocers

Photo from Hart’s Local Grocers

Don’t be surprised if you find a paintbrush in your hand within seconds of walking up to his booth. We can’t wait to make more art with him and the rest of the community.

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